Join Us

Join the Upper Makefield Fire Company and Become a Part of Protecting History

We’re committed to making a difference in our community, and are proud to be able to help neighbors on what might be one of the worst days of their lives.

Our membership includes men and women, working parents, small business owners, tradesmen, professionals and retirees who range in age from teens to energetic seniors.

How You Can Help

Become a firefighter. It’s a tough job—but immensely rewarding.  And we need more volunteers! Learn more via our FAQs

    • We’ve seen a steady decline in the number of firefighters available during weekdays and Fridays/Saturdays. Our biggest concern is being able to continue to respond to calls. 
    • The average age of our responders has edged up to ~50 years…needless to say, firefighting is a labor-intensive activity and we need a youth infusion.

Offer your time and energy
to assist with important administrative functions.

  • Apart from firefighters, we need volunteers who have IT, finance, general and facilities management, legal, and medical skills and experience. A number of our leadership team have served for decades—and would like to pass the torch to the next generation.
  • These volunteers assist with fundraising, community outreach, our annual Santa program and carnival, fire prevention, and open houses
  • They also help with the “business side” of our fire company—keeping the books, paying the bills, ordering new supplies and equipment, maintaining our facility and apparatus

Our Impact

We help keep you and your family safe, and protect your property value

  • We respond to 200-250 calls a year.
  • Some of these calls are (thankfully) not serious, like the occasional burned dinner or false alarm, but many are…

We fight structural fires, extricate people from vehicular accidents, respond to medical emergencies, and rescue residents from flooded areas, and assist with downed wires caused by storms.

We save residents money

    • Our presence in the community lowers your home insurance bills.
    • Our volunteer status means you aren’t paying the salaries and benefits that would come with a paid fire company

We offer camaraderie, friendship and skills development to our members

  • We have fun together—and we’re incredibly serious when we need to be.
  • We’re professionally trained—we just do this for free.
  • We’re taught to think on our feet in critical and life-threatening situations.
  • We give students a competitive edge when seeking higher education and employment.

 Line Opportunities at Upper Makefield Fire Company 

  • Fire Operations: These volunteers have mastered core firefighting skills—operating complicated apparatus, using hoses and other equipment, placing ladders, dealing with hazardous materials and carbon monoxide alarms, making forcible entries, and performing search and rescue—with the goals of suppressing and eliminating fire, keeping residents and themselves safe, and protecting property.
  • Rescue Operations: Our rescue trucks and firefighting crews respond to specialized situations, including vehicular and construction accidents, and collapsed buildings.
  • Swift Water Rescue: Our marine unit is trained and equipped to rescue residents during major and minor flood events, and assist with life safety for the annual Christmas Day reenactment of the Delaware River Crossing.
  • Emergency Medical Technicians: Our EMTs are certified individuals who support the St. Mary Advanced Life Support rescue squad with medical emergencies.
  • Junior Firefighter: This program is geared toward teens at least 16 years old who are interested in a career in firefighting, emergency services, the medical field or other related areas. Junior members work toward a rewarding future in a safe and professionally supervised environment—and may achieve full membership at age 18. Junior members also develop important leadership skills, and interact with a cross-section of adults from the community.


Contact us to learn more—we’d really like to speak to you!