Homeowners Insurance


The following information will help you secure the appropriate level of homeowners insurance, and was developed with the assistance of insurance agents representing 3 major companies (Allstate, Nationwide, & State Farm). Please make sure your insurance company has all of this information before they quote you a price for insurance.

Your homeowners insurance company may also want information on how we respond to structural fires.  Refer to our Mutual Aid section for details.  If your insurance questions cannot be answered by the information on this page, e-mail the Upper Makefield Fire Company at Chiefs@umfc.org.


The only streets in Upper Makefield Township with pressurized fire hydrants are in the table below. These hydrants are maintained by Upper Makefield Township and are supplied by the water tank at Heritage Hills.

Barton’s Mill Dr.

Court Jester

Lexington Court

Beidler Dr.

Decision Way East

McConkey Dr.

Betts Dr.

Dillon Dr.

Sentinel Rd.

Brandywine Ct.

Dispatch Dr.

Tankard Rd.

Canal Run West (high end)

Heritage Hills Dr.

Terrell Dr.

Commanders Dr.

Hessian Run Rd.

Van Artsdalen Dr.

A few hydrants are located on Rt. 532 between Lindenhurst Rd. and Highland Rd. These are maintained by the Lower Makefield Water Department because they’re part of an existing system in the Farmview development.

Hydrants are also located in the new Enclave development on Brown Lane and Hillyer Lane, and are supplied by a dedicated water source in that neighborhood.

Several streets in newer developments have “dry” hydrants to assist the fire company (see list below). These hydrants are not hooked up to a water supply; the responding apparatus is the source of the water. An underground pipe network enables firefighters to avoid putting hose in the street during fire emergencies.

Aldans Way

Ely Farm Lane

Lenape Dr.

Old Cabin Rd.


Upper Makefield Township does not have “city” water for residential use or for fire hydrants. The Upper Makefield Fire Company uses local water sources such as rivers, streams, canals, ponds and swimming pools in fire emergencies. The company also carries water on certain apparatus (listed below).


Upper Makefield Fire Company apparatus responding to fire emergencies carry some amount of water; see details below.
Refer to our apparatus page for more details.

Taylorsville Road Station – Station 71

Eagle Road Station – Station 81

Engine 71 – 1,000 gal. water & 2,000 GPM pump with
                     Husky Compressed Air Foam System

Engine 81 – 750 gal. water & 1,750 GPM pump

Tanker 71 – 3,000 gal. water & 1,500 GPM pump
                  + 1 portable pond (3,000 gal)

Tanker 81 – 4,000 gal. of water & 500 GPM pump
                    + 2 portable ponds (3,000 gal. each)

Rescue 71 – 750 gal. water & 1,750 GPM pump with  
                     Compressed Air Foam System



If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to e-mail us at Chiefs@umfc.org