Join The Upper Makefield Fire Company – Become a part of protecting history

Help Us To Help You & Your Neighbors

There is more to being a member of the Upper Makefield Fire Company than just Firefighting.

Opportunities include :

  • Emergency Response to Fires, Rescues, Fire Police & Medical Emergencies
  • Fire Prevention, Teaching, and the Santa Program
  • Fund Raising – Carnival, Food Concessions, etc…
  • Professional Services – Law guidance, Financial guidance, etc…
  • New Friends, Banquets, Picnics, Camaraderie, Fulfillment, etc…

You can VOLUNTEER to do all of these things or just the ones you like. We are shorthanded in all aspects of the Fire Company. Give us a call or stop by and see what we are all about. Remember, this a Volunteer Organization and without more Volunteers we will not be able to continue this service up to the standards we have been able to in the past.

The Membership Committee

215 – 493 – 5200 or email us @