Bucks County’s youngest Fire Company, the Upper Makefield Fire Company, held its annual Recognition and Awards Banquet on Saturday April 16th, 2011 at the Cock ‘n Bull Restaurant in Peddlers Village, Lahaska.  The Fire Company was chartered in 1967 and celebrated its 44th birthday this past December.  This year’s banquet was attended by 90 volunteer members and invited guests who enjoyed a good meal, awards program and dancing.

The program began with service awards for members who had reached milestone years of service in the Upper Makefield Fire Company.  Members with five years of service were: Justin Brewer, Matt DePledge, Luke DePledge, Joe Dicken, Marc Durant and Brian Salt. Vice President Bart Krauss was recognized for 20 years of service; Harold “Howie” Range was recognized for twenty-five years of service which conveys life membership to the department. Deputy Chief Tim Brewer was recognized for thirty years; Secretary Peter Cheyney for thirty five years and former Chief Officer, Edward Copper Sr. was recognized for forty years of service.

President Chris Muth conveyed the 2010 President’s Award to Marc Durant for his legal guidance and other significant contributions serving on the Fire Company’s Executive Committee.

Recognition was given to UMFC’s Top Ten Responders for 2010 ( 1 – 10) – Ed “Chip” Coff, Justin Brewer, William King, Shawn Kennett, George Pickering, Bart Krauss, Paul Dollings, Matt DePledge, Dennis DeSantis & Brian Salt.

The Top Trainer Award is presented to the Firefighter who completes the most training hours during the year.  During 2010, Grant McNinch attended 188 training hours and received this year’s award.

Tim Brewer conveyed the 2010 Chief’s award to Mike Alessi for his work as Deputy Chief during 2010.  Mr. Alessi was elected Chief of the department for 2011.

The Firefighter of the Year award is presented to the Firefighter who goes above and beyond his/her duties during the year.  Secrecy is a must for all awards and especially this award.  Ironically the recipient was also the emcee for the evening. The 2010 award was presented to Robert Kay Sr. for his service in 2010 and his 19 years of service as an Officer of the Upper Makefield Fire Company.

The final surprise of the evening was honoring the longest serving Chief of the Upper Makefield Fire Company, Tim Brewer. Tim has served as an Officer for 23 years, 18 of which he served as the Chief.  He is currently serving as Deputy Chief. Tim was presented with a hand drawn lithograph of the fireman’s prayer, Upper Makefield Fire Company Style.