Update #9 – On 4/13/2016, The UMFC Truck Committee flew out to Minneapolis with members of Horrocks Fire & Rescue Apparatus (Our Local Rosenbauer Dealer) to complete a final inspection of the new RESCUE 71.  UMFC Truck Committee Members arrived at the Rosenbauer Plant in the town of Wyoming, Minnesota (North East of Minneapolis) at 0900hrs on 4/14 and immediately started looking over the truck.  The truck committee (comprised of 6 members) pulled out their copies of the original plans and shop orders and went to assigned areas and started to go over the truck with a fine toothed comb.  The Committee documented anything found that was “not to spec” and also anything that needed to be changed.  Later in the day the Committee was able to drive the apparatus for the first time and see how it handled.  Day 2 (4/15) started at 0800hrs at the pump station so the pump specialist could go over the pump with the Committee and set it properly for UMFC.  The Committee then sat down with a Build Specialist to go over our lists and explain what we found when were looking over the truck.  The Committee then had the chance to take a tour of the plant and see how our truck was built from scratch.  Lastly we had the chance to go out and drive again, this time with a full tank of water.   The Truck Committee Accepted the Truck and it should be delivered to UMT in the next couple of weeks.  Then the training starts !!  The Committee flew Home 4/16/2016  in the early morning with the good news and a lot of pictures.  (see some pictures below)