Wednesday October 10th 2012, UMFC Firefighters were out in the community delivering a Fire Prevention message to the children of the Crossing Co-Op Nursery School.  Fire Prevention week is October 7-14 and every year UMFC Firefighters visit the CCNS School during this week to bring a fire prevention message to the pre-school children.  This year Firefighters, Krauss, Salt, Durant, McNinch, Wathey, Bilger, Renshaw & Kay volunteered their time to visit the school.  After a safety message about having 2 exits in your house,  Firefighter McNinch put his turnout gear and an air pack on so the children knew what a firefighter would look like in a fire and they would not be afraid.  Firefighters Bilger and Renshaw showed the children some of the handtools that firefighters use everyday.  Then the important part, they all got a chance to sit in the fire truck.  UMFC firefighters did this for 2 different sittings, 3 classes in the morning and 2 classes in the afternoon.