The Upper Makefield Fire Company held their Annual Awards & Recognition Banquet on Saturday April 2, 2016 at the Washington Crossing Inn.  The event was well attended by Current and Past Members and their spouses.  Also some Members of the St Mary EMS Squad were in attendance, along with Representatives of the the UMT Board of Supervisors, Twp. Management and Police Department.  

The banquet started with hors d’oeuvres and a humorous video of events from 2015 created by a member for all to enjoy.  Dinner & Dessert followed and was enjoyed by all.  The program continued with introductions of guests and current officers by President Bart Krauss & Chief Tim Brewer.  Bart & Tim then handed out the following awards:

Top 10 responders for 2015 – Total of 210 Calls:
#10 – Lieut 81 Derek Fasano – 74 Calls
#9 – Matt Heacks – 77 Calls
#8 – Rob Kay Sr. – 84 Calls
#7 – Batt. Chf. 71 Paul Dollings – 91 Calls
#6 – Deputy 71 Randy Berger – 104 Calls
#5 – Batt Chf 81 – Ed “Chip” Coff – 116 Calls
#4 – Bart Krauss – 125 Calls
#3 – Matt DePledge – 126 Calls
#2 – George Pickering – 130 Calls
#1 – Bill King – 133 Calls

Years Of Service Awards:
5 Years – Kevin Campbell, Jimmy Dollings
10 Years – Mark Durant
20 Years – Kate Kay, Nancy Pickering, Rosann Scully
30 Years – Howie Range
35 Years – Chief Tim Brewer

Top Trainer – Firefighter with most Training Hours in 2015
Firefighter Matt Heacks

Presidents Award – Given to a person who has significantly helped the Company on the Business Side during 2015
Treasurer Eric Kauffman

Chiefs Award – Given to a person who has significantly helped the Company on the Operations Side during 2015
Firefighter Kevin Campbell

Firefighter Of The Year
Firefighter Nicholas Boyle

Special Awards (Gag Gifts) were presented to numerous members from events that were remembered from 2015 – The theme for these awards was superheroes and each person received a cape during the humorous explanation of the event.  Another Special Award was a bottle of water out of the old Rescue 71 given to Driver Tyler Hub.  Last and certainly not least during the Special Awards, there was a Surprise Prom Posal !! (He said yes !!)