At the Annual UMFC Business meeting the membership elected the 2015 Line Officers and Executive Officers. This is a normal occurrence that is done every year, just this year it was a little different. There was a changing of the guard in the Executive Committee due to a couple of retirements, but we will get to that in a minute ..

The 2015 Line Officers Are:

Chief – Tim Brewer
Deputy Chief – Randy Berger
Battalion Chief 71 – Paul Dollings
Battalion Chief 81 – Ed “Chip” Coff
Chief Engineer – Derek Fasano 

The 2015 Executive Officers Are:

President – Bart Krauss
Vice President – Rich Wathey
Treasurer – Eric Kaufmann
Secretary – Grant McNinch
5 year Trustee – Rob Kay Sr.

After many, many years of tireless service on the Executive Committee, Retiring Executive Officers – Jim Barry and Pete Cheyney are stepping down from their positions. Jim put in 25 years on the Executive Committee and Pete put in 32 years. Both Men held various positions (see below). Also both men held the position of 5year Trustee (responsible for the property of the company). Moving forward, Pete will continue to run our Fund Drive and Jim will continue to be involved in special projects for the company. UMFC would like to Thank Jim and Pete for their continued service to the Fire Company and to the Community.


Pete Cheyney – Vice President Jan 1976 – Jan 1982                             
                             Secretary Jan 1989 – Jan 2015                        

Jim Barry – Secretary Jan 1981 – Jan 1982                    
                      President – Jan 1988 – Jan 1990  
                      Treasurer – Jan 1993 – Jan 2015


Retiring Executive Officers Pete Cheyney & Jim Barry