On Saturday April 20th, 2013 the Upper Makefield Fire Company held their annual recognition and awards banquet.  This year the event was held at the Cock and Bull in Peddlers Village, Lahaska.  The evening started with acknowledgment of the current officers and invited guests, followed by a very nice buffet dinner and dessert.    The years of service awards were given out first with Tess Manley awarded for 5 years, Betsy Barry, Beth Barry & Ted Bilger were awarded for 10 years, Dawn Berger & Ed “Chip” Coff for 20 years  and Jeff Ogborn for 45 years.  Next was A Special Recognition Award that was given to Mary & John Ryan & Betsy & Jim Barry for their work on the Italian Night & Auction.  The Top 10 responders for 2012 were recognized next and they were Justin Brewer, Ted Bilger, Mike Alessi, Randy Berger, Chris Muth, Ed “Chip Coff”, Robert Kay Sr, Paul Dollings, Bart Krauss, George Pickering  & Bill King.   President Bart Krauss gave the “Presidents Award” to Past President Chris Muth for his 9 years of service in that position.  Lieutenant Ed Fenton gave the “Junior Firefighter of the Year” award to Jimmy Dollings for his accomplishments as a Junior Firefighter in 2012.  Chief Tim Brewer gave a very nice speech about the “Firefighter of the Year” for 2012.  Tim spoke about this persons never give up attitude and how he gives 110% all the time.  The UMFC Firefighter of the Year is Matt DePledge.  Traditionally the fire company will also give out some gag gifts for misfortunate events or comical mistakes that occur during the year.  This year Amy Brewer & Kate Kay (Banquet Committee) decided to make a theme for the banquet and that theme was the “Oscars”, so all of the gag awards were based on “Academy Awards” and the winners all received small Oscars.  Some of the awards are pictured below include, Jim Barry for Best Stuntman, Randy Berger for Best Director, Tim Brewer for Best Producer, George Pickering for Oldest Person in a short film (it was his birthday), Ty Hub for Best Actor in a Documentary,  Tony Srour for not completing the video for the Banquet, Robert Kay Sr for Best Supporting Actor in a Documentary, and last entry Ed Fenton for being late all the time.  The evening ended with dancing and good times with friends.  A special Thanks to the Crew from Penndel Engine 8 for covering Station 71 during our Banquet.