Bucks County’s Youngest Fire Company, the Upper Makefield Fire Company, held its annual Recognition and Awards Banquet on Saturday March 31st, 2012 at the Cock ‘n Bull Restaurant in Peddlers Village, Lahaska.  The Fire Company was chartered in 1967 and celebrated its 45th birthday this past December.  This year’s banquet was attended by 109 volunteer members and invited guests who enjoyed a good meal, awards program and dancing.

The evening began with the introduction of the Operational Officers for 2012, Chief Tim Brewer, Deputy Chief Randy Berger, Battalion Chief 71 Mike Alessi, Battalion Chief 81 Dennis DeSantis, Captain Ed “Chip” Coff, and Chief Engineer Paul Dollings.  Followed by the Executive Officers for 2012, President Chris Muth, Vice President Bart Krauss, Secretary Peter Cheyney, Treasurer Jim Barry and Head Trustee Robert Kay Sr,

The following members were given service awards who had reached milestone years of service in the Upper Makefield Fire Company.  Members with Five years of service were: Ben Barlyn and Glen Salt. Members with Ten years of service were: Tim Jones, Mike Krauss & John Passanante.  Also recognized for Ten years of Honorary Membership in UMFC was Retired FDNY Firefighter Tony Srour.  Members with Fifteen years of service were: Chris Johansson, Joe Marino & Dana Osterman.  Members with Twenty years of service were:  Mike Alessi & Dennis DeSantis.  Members with Twenty-Five years of service were: Randy Berger & Amy Brewer which now give them Life Membership in the Company.  Life Members with Thirty years of service were: Paul Dollings & Robert Kay Sr.   Charter Members recognized with Forty-Five years of service were:  Walt Beretzky, Sam Scully & Dave Whalen.

President Chris Muth conveyed the 2011 President’s Award to Kate & Robert Kay Sr. for the work that they did for the Company during 2011 while working on the Santa Committee, Banquet Committee and helping out with other various tasks assigned by the Executive Committee.

Recognition was given to UMFC’s Top Ten Responders for 2011 ( 1 – 10+1) – Mike Alessi, William King, Ed “Chip” Coff, Tim Brewer, George Pickering, Bart Krauss, Shaun Kennett, Chris Muth, Justin Brewer, Robert Kay Sr & Matt DePledge.


The Chiefs Award is given to someone who has been a great help to the Chief.  They are often asked to do things other don’t want to do.  They take leadership roles, serving as a mentor to others.  Chief Tim Brewer conveyed the 2011 Chief’s award to Mike Alessi for his work as Chief during 2011.  

The Firefighter of the Year award is presented to the Firefighter who goes above and beyond his/her duties during the year.  Secrecy is a must for all awards and especially this award.  This year the Firefighter of the Year Award was presented to someone who represents the “real” firefighter.  Today the demands of a firefighter are much greater.  Not only must they have 194 hours of basic fire training, but should have EMT training which is 220 hours, and many in house training hours.  They attend monthly meetings, mentor new members and help with fund raising.  They also have a personal life.  They have a family, a full time job and try to have a social life.   All this is done as a volunteer. No one is paid to be a firefighter here in Upper Makefield. They only get our sincere appreciation and sometimes are recognized for their selfless service by being awarded the Firefighter of the Year Award.  Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for being a “real” firefighter, the 2012 award goes to Dennis DeSantis, Battalion 81.