On Saturday April 5th, 2014, The Upper Makefield Fire Company held their annual recognition and awards banquet.  This year the banquet was held at the Cock & Bull Restaurant in Lahaska.  The theme for the evening was “Most Wanted”.  A nice video presentation was put together by our Honorary Firefighter from New York (Tony) which had every one laughing.  Dinner & desert were served and were enjoyed by all.  The awards presentation started with 5 year service awards for Ed Fenton & Jordan Berk, and a 10 year service pin for return member Bill King.  Top Ten responders during 2013  (aka Top Ten Most Wanted) were presented next: Bill King, George Pickering, Randy Berger, Bart Krauss, Ed “Chip” Coff, Paul Dollings, Matt DePledge, Rob Kay Sr, Ed Fenton, Jordan Berk, Justin Brewer & Dave Wise.  (a couple people were tied that’s why there are 12 listed).  The Junior Firefighter of the year award was presented by Lieutenant Ed Fenton & Firefighter Derek Fasano to Junior Firefighter Jack McNinch for all the work he has done around the firehouse in 2013.  The Top Trainer award was given to the person who during 2013 attend the most training during the year, this award was presented to George Fenton.  The Engineer’s Award was presented to Derek Fasano for the amount of work he has done during the year assisting the Engineer.  The Presidents Award was presented to Robert Kay Sr for the amount of work that he did during 2013 behind the scenes that people don’t realize he has done.  The Chiefs Award was presented to Dave Wise for taking over the training program and running with it.  He has done a great job in 2013 and we look forward to a continued great job in the future.  The Firefighter of the Year was presented next, this years Firefighter of the year completed training and certification on 4 pieces of apparatus along with taking over as Foreman of Rescue 71.  Derek Fasano has really stepped up as an Assistant to the Chief Engineer and a real team player.  Congratulations To Derek Fasano!