On Saturday June 8th, 2013 the Upper Makefield Fire Company participated in the Bucks County Fireman’s Parade that was held in neighboring Wrightown Township.  The Parade was hosted by the Lingohocken Fire Company (Sta 35 & Sta 95) who was celebrating their 100th Anniversary.  UMFC Firefighters took the weeks leading up to the parade to work on the apparatus to make sure everything was looking and working 100%.  The apparatus is judged on how it is equiped, how it is maintained and on how well the crews know the apparatus.  Then it comes down to bragging rights with your neighboring companies over who has the best.  UMFC recieved a 1st place trophy for Tanker 71 and a 2nd place trophy for Rescue 71.  All and all it was a good day for Bucks County Firefighters and a good day for the residents who came out and enjoyed the parade. 

UMFC is at the 9:23 mark in this Video From Ron Roberts
Link to the Parade Video – Parade Video 1

UMFC is at the 5 minute mark (approximatly) – From Bucks Couty Local News
Link to the Parade Video –  Parade Video 2

Pictures from: Nancy Pickering, Kate Kay, Brian Wozniak & Shaun McNally