2017 UMFC Elected Officers

UMFC members held their January Monthly Business meeting on Monday 1/9/2017. As part of the January meeting, Elections are held for Operations Officers & Executive Officers. The following members were Elected to serve as Officers for UMFC in 2017.

Chief – Tim Brewer (24th year as Chief & 32nd year as an Officer)
Deputy Chief – Randy Berger (11th year as Deputy Chief & 25th year as an Officer)
Battalion Chief 81 – Ed “Chip” Coff (11th year as Battalion Chief & 21st year as an Officer) 
Battalion Chief 71 – Dave Wise (1st year as Battalion Chief and 5th year as an Officer)
Chief Engineer – Paul Dollings (4th year as Chief Engineer & 21st year as an Officer)

President – Bart Krauss (5th year as President & 17th year as an Executive Officer)
Vice President – Rich Wathey (5th year as Vice President)
Treasurer – Eric Kaufmann (3rd year as Treasurer)
Secretary – Grant McNinch (3rd year as Secretary)
5 Year Trustee – Pete Cheyney (40th year as an Executive Officer)

From (L-R) – P. Dollings, D. Wise, E. Coff, R. Berger, T. Brewer, B. Krauss, R. Wathey, E Kaufmann & P. Cheyney (G. McNinch not pictured)