The Upper Makefield Fire Company held their annual awards banquet on Saturday, April 11 2015 at the Washington Crossing Inn.  The theme this year was “Local History”.   The banquet committee put together a nice program with some interesting local historical facts and some very funny “gag” gifts based on historical events & times. 

The following people were recognized for their service to UMFC in 2014:

Outgoing Executive & Operations Officers from 2014 were thanked for their service:
Secretary Pete Cheyney, Treasurer Jim Barry, Trustee Bill King, Lieut. 71 Ed Fenton & Chief Engineer Paul Dollings  

Years of Service – Grant McNinch (5yrs), Bart Krauss (25yrs + Life Membership), Jim Bary & George Pickering (35yrs)

Top 10 Responders for 2014 – Randy Berger, Ed ‘Chip” Coff,  Matt DePledge, Paul Dollings, Derek Fasano, Robert Kay Sr, Bill King, Bart Krauss, George Pickering & Dave Wise

Top Trainer in 2014 – Jimmy Dollings – for attending the most training in 2014

Presidents Award –  Jim Barry – For the past 25 years of service as Treasurer of UMFC, keeping us fiscally sound.

Chiefs / Chief Engineers Award –  Paul Dollings – for his work with the apparatus includng Chaiman of the Truck Committee to replace Rescue 71.

Firefighter of the Year – Grant McNinch – For taking over the Secretary’s job starting in 2015 and for spearheading the switch in our Email & Servers to ‘The Cloud”, A monumental task as a volunteer.   

Special Award – Presented to St. Mary EMS (Squad 172) for compleating their inaugural year of service to the residents of Upper Makefield Township.  The relationsship between UMFC and Squad 172 has really grown during this first year of operation and we look forward to continued service together to the residents of UMT.  Recieving the Award were Chief 172 Chris Reif & Doctor Gary Zimmer who both were instramental in getting the ambulance service off the ground.

Special Award – This award was given to Jim & Betsy Barry for their years of service to UMFC and for being  champions in fundraising.  Jim & Betsy are two of the four co-chairs for the annual Auction, Lead the food drive held during Santa & handle UMFC apparel for the members.  A framed hand drawn print featuring the Firefighters Prayer, UMFC Past Apparatus & UMFC Patch were presented to them.   


The following people were announced as UMFC’s Executive & Operations Officers for 2015:

Executive Officers – President Bart Krauss, Vice President Richard Wathey, Secretary Grant McNinch, Treasurer Eric Kaufmann, Head Trustee Robert Kay Sr, 5 year trustees Pete Cheyney, Ed “Chip Coff”, George Pickering & Glen Salt.

Chief Officers –  Chief Tim Brewer, Deputy Chief Randy Berger, Battalion Chief 71 Paul Dollings, Battalion Chief 81 Ed “Chip” Coff, Captain 71 Dave Wise, Lieut. 71 Derek Fasano, Lieut. 81 Justin Brewer & Chief Engineer Derek Fasano